FOX 5 - Las Vegas

Talking with the author of 'Culture Shock: Surviving Five Generations in One Workplace'

Mark Sadovnick

Assessing the psychology of an organization and bringing employees together to operate cohesively and build value.

RT America - Companies choose AI to determine travel pricing

Travel companies are turning to "hyper-dynamic pricing," using artificial intelligence to determine how much they'll charge consumers. C-Suite executive and management consultant Joanna Dodd Massey joins Scottie Nell Hughes to share her insights.


Rodney Flowers - Game Changer Mentality Podcast

Pivoting is the ultimate expression of embracing change because it requires someone to stop resisting and find a way to thrive with the flow.

Integrating multiple generations in one work place and the value and necessity of each generation

Own Your Choices Own Your Life Podcast

The Queen of Pivoting with Dr. Joanna Masse‪y‬

JDMA Founder Dr. Joanna Massey: 'I am the Queen of Pivoting'


Integrating multiple generations in one work place and the value

and necessity of each generation


A Mental Health Guide to Spending the Holidays Alone


Complete list of press coverage




Power Women of NY

Power Women of NY Virtual Gala 2020



Real Raw Relevant with Siddiqi Ray (FB Live)
How to Learn Confidence from Millennials

Voice of Women

Dive into the Communications
Field with Dr. Joanna Dodd Massey

Liquid Lunch with John Tobacco on BizTV
Digging DEEP into the Mind with Dr. Joanna Massey

FemCity Business for Your Soul

with Dr. Joanna Dodd Massey

Influencers with Mark Sadovnick
INFLUENCERS: Dr. Joanna Dodd Massey

Leaders Who Care with Mark Sadovnick
Dr. Joanna Dodd Massey


The Lisa Show on BYUradio | SiriusXM
Closing the Generational Gap

Mayshad Choice “Women & Money”
Innovation, Investment, & Brand Survival |

Nina Amoils & Joanna Dodd Massey | Women & Money

Front & Center with Jacquie Jordan
Front & Center with Jacquie Jordan

- Artificially Intelligent



Joanna Massey - Entrepreneur

Business Edge Radio with Mitche Graf
An Interview with Work-Culture

Warrior Dr. Joanna Dodd Massey

Close the Gap Podcast
Interview with Joanna Dodd Massey, Ph.D, MBA

The Stuph File Program
Featuring Dr. Joanna Dodd Massey;

Sam Mak & Chantelle Aimee Osman

Another Way to Play
Overcoming Hardships with Joanna Dodd Massey

Books That Make You Podcast
Clash of Generations in the Workplace

Tell Me Your Story
Culture Shock: Surviving Five

Generations In One Workplace

Broadcasters Podcast Part I
Entertainment & Culture Expert

Joanna Dodd Massey, Ph.D.

Broadcasters Podcast Part II
Entertainment & Culture Expert

Joanna Dodd Massey, Ph.D.

Mainstream Mental Health Podcast
Featured Guest Joanna Dodd Massey, Ph.D., MBA



Geopolitical Futures
What We’re Reading: Interpretations of Work and History

[Review of Culture Shock: Surviving Five

Generations in One Workplace]

Authority Magazine on

Dr. Joanna Massey: 5 Ways that Businesses

Can Help Promote the Mental Wellness

of Their Employees

FemCity Blog
An Interview with Dr. Joanna Dodd Massey,

President & CEO of J.D. Massey Associates, Inc.


The Healthy
Addiction and Substance Abuse: Can You

Overdose on Benadryl? 



Experts Tout Keys to Career

Reinvention in WiTH Seminar

Authority Magazine on

Author Joanna Dodd Massey: Giving Feedback;

How to Be Honest Without Being Hurtful

Clear Voice
From Leads to Loyalty:

6 Surprising Benefits of Teamlancing


Clear Voice
How Teamlancing Is the

Digital Networking of Tomorrow


Clear Voice
The Ultimate Guide to Transitioning

to Full-Time Freelance Content Marketing

Business Insider

7 important questions to ask in your interview

to understand company culture

The Ladders
The 7 questions to ask to

understand company culture

NATPE Digital Transitions Playbook
A Q&A with Dr. Joanna Dodd Massey

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