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Marketing Communications Think Tank

・The Mission・

The global mission of the MCTT is to shift the way we communicate about politicized social issues, such as racism, the environment and gun control, so that diverse groups of people can have a constructive dialogue, not a contentious debate.

・How We Operate

How we do that is by conducting consumer research around each issue and providing tangible communications tactics to clients, the press, and social media influencers to help bring civility back into conversations about civilization.

Executive Team

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Joanna Dodd Massey, Founder CEO



Delora Lee Aichholzer, Social Impact Executive





John Franklin, Founder and Partner, Sinter



James Lee, President, The Lee Strategy Group




 Daniel Massey, Counselor and Managing Partner, The Counseling and Mindfulness Group



 Sarah Sayeed, Chair & Executive Director, NYC Civic Engagement Commission at New York City Civic Engagement Commission

Advisory Board

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