Transparency—A Key Corporate Component for Millennials and Gen Z

Updated: Feb 19, 2020

To attract and keep young employees, few things are as vital to today’s companies as transparency. Frankly, that is true of all human communications. Human beings have intuition and we can sense when people are withholding themselves from us. Regardless of whether it is a professional negotiation or a personal interaction. For Millennials and Gen Z, who have grown up with a constant flow of easily accessible information, corporate openness and clarity are more essential than ever before, and that is a relatively new thing for American companies.

Interestingly, Millennials expect more transparency from brands than they do from politicians and even their own friends and family members, a 2018 survey conducted by Sprout Social discovered. The same survey found that for more than one in five Millennials, a CEO’s transparency on social media would encourage them to consider a future career with that employer.