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It is hard to say whether Joanna found this work, or it found her, but she is ideally suited for it. As a teenager, Joanna first exhibited that she is not afraid to try new things and take big risks when she graduated from high school and left her acting career in NYC to move to Los Angeles for college (Yes, she is the only person in the world who moved to Hollywood in order to QUIT acting). Joanna’s idea to give life in Los Angeles a shot lasted for 30 years, but her attempt to get out of the entertainment industry was short-lived, since she ended up with a successful career behind the camera as a communications executive in the television and film industries. After moving within LA 12 times, buying and selling 10 cars, overseeing PR at 5 major media companies, getting 4 graduate degrees while working, and marrying one very nice guy with whom she has an even nicer divorce, Joanna moved back to NYC to spend more time with her mom.


True story.

More details about her professional experience and work history

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Joanna Dodd Massey, Ph.D.

The theme of Joanna’s work and life is change. She is a change agent, who is known to some as the Queen of Pivoting, because she embraces change, understands the neuroscience behind why others resist it, and uses her doctorate in psychology and 30 years of prowess as a Fortune 500 executive to drive positive outcomes.




Dr. Joanna Dodd Massey is a public company Board Director and corporate communications executive who specializes in enterprise risk management and governance. She helps companies attract long-term investors and expand market share because more than 25 percent of a company’s capital value is attributable to its reputation, so Dr. Massey’s expertise in brand reputation management and crisis communications enables her to anticipate stakeholder reactions and advise on change management and navigating risk. She is based in the United States and has international experience working with partners in Europe, the UK, China and India.


In her board roles for public and private companies, Dr. Massey has served as Chairman of the Board, Lead Independent Director, Chair of Nominations & Governance, Chair of Compensation, and a member of the Audit, Strategic Finance, and Pricing Committees. Her current Board roles include KULR Technology Group (NYSE:KULR), TessPay Inc. (private), and The Hollywood Foreign Press Association (private). She is also on the Advisory Board of Thumzup Media Corporation (OTC:TZUP) and 8B Education Investments, a fintech startup.

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