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Think You're Indestructible? So Did the Dinosaur!

Updated: Nov 27, 2020

Funkosaurus by JurassicArt sold on TeePublic

Fact: Brands that don’t stay relevant with younger generations eventually die out.

Fact: Gen Z votes (born 1997-2012). In the 2020 Presidential election, 68% of Gen Zers between 18-23 voted. The largest turnout of young people in American history.

Fact: Gen Z votes with its wallet and supports companies that align with their social values.

Fact: Gen Z cares deeply about the environment and social equality—regardless of their political persuasion.

Fact: Gen Z is the largest generation in the United States—86.4 million of them and they are projected to grow to 88 million with migration.

Fact: Gen Z is 50% non-white and Millennials are 40% non-white. Together, they comprise 84 million non-white consumers.

Fact: If you aren’t paying attention to what is important to younger generations, e.g., ESG and DEI, your brand will become a dinosaur. Just look at Victoria's Secret, Mercedes, Kodak, JC Penny and Chef Boyardee.

About Joanna's Work: I work at the intersection of neuroscience and communications. Only 4% of the population can think with a 360-degree view of a problem—the rest of them go through life with blinders on and they don’t even know it. I teach employees how to identify their own blind spots and then I teach them ways to communicate and influence others that make them more effective at selling your products and running your business. I am also the author of a couple of books that have business titles in order to hide the fact that they are self-help guides.

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