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5 Things You Can Do for Gen Z Employees

Updated: Feb 19, 2020

Everybody loves lists! Here are five things you can do to recruit and retain Gen Z talent, who are critical to the future of your business.

1. Modernize communications.

Email is practically archaic for Gen Z. To keep these young employees engaged, your company's communications systems need to be current, efficient and mobile-friendly. And, yes, that means Slack or something similar is mandatory. A whopping 91% of Gen Z-ers surveyed by Bloomberg Law said they want their employer to have sophisticated technology.

2. Champion diversity and equality.

Nearly half of Gen Z belongs to racial or ethnic minorities, so this generation expects you to prove your commitment to diversity and equality—don’t just say it, walk the talk. Your workforce needs to be diverse, and salaries and responsibilities need to be equitable. Your policies must be in writing, and salary ranges transparent.

Photo by Arie Wubben on Unsplash

3. Give them space.

Open offices have been made trendy by collaborative Millennials, but independent and self-motivated Gen Zers would rather have space to themselves. Research by David and Jonah Stillman found that 69% of Gen Z prefers a private workspace, and 35% would even rather share socks than a office space. Your Gen X and Baby Boomer employees will be grateful, as well!

4. Show them the money.

Gen Zers are far more motivated by money than their Millennial predecessors, and they expect to see their worth realistically reflected in their compensation. A Monster survey found that money and pay drive 70% of Gen Z employees—more than any other motivating factor.

5. Show them the culture.

Money may matter to Gen Z, but it's not enough—a healthy and nurturing corporate culture is critical, too. A recent study by Rainmaker Thinking found that supportive leadership and positive workplace relationships were the two most important factors for Gen Z when considering a job opportunity.


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